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Landscape Lighting

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Make your outdoor space pop!

If you are interested in having a landscape design created for your yard, you should be excited for the possibilities outdoor lighting has to offer! You do not want to miss the experience the right lights create when you are enjoying your back patio in the evening while roasting marshmallows by your fire pit.


We show you how lighting will make your outdoor space special. With RnS Landscaping, you will discover the endless possibilities created by outdoor lighting. 

When are you outside the most?

Whether it's due to your work hours, or if it's just part of the culture of Nova Scotia, we spend a lot of time enjoying the outdoors after dark. We enjoy drinks with friends and family, enjoy fires and look up at the stars. You would love some light to enjoy the space you spend all that time in. Landscape lighting brings light to the party without ruining the calming experience of a nice evening outside. 

We can use lights to bring out key features of your home at night, brighten up walkways and create an amazing ambiance for you to enjoy. Be the envy of the street, and really stand out during all hours of the day. 

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