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Landscape Maintenance

Residential & Commercial


Our spring services are important to get a good start on your property and lays the foundation you need to have a beautiful space for the summer. We recommend freshening up garden beds by cultivating and edging. Trimming, pruning and removal of dead or interfering shrubs and trees. Spring clean ups are essential for your property to be ready to be enjoyed for the summer season. As well addition of fresh bark mulch adds a clean look and helps to manage weeds.

Spring is the best time to aerate and fertilize your lawn. Deep core aeration enhances air and water circulation in your soil. It is especially helpful to overseed at the same time to get the jump on weeds and thicken your lawn. Additional lime may be recommended, particularly on mossy areas.  

For commercial clients, litter pick up is always a problem, and we can help to deal with it for you. Litter pickup will be done prior to regular lawn mowing and during the spring and fall cleanups. We don’t just mow over it creating a larger mess, we want your property to be clean and pristine.

After the winter, our landscape crews are excited to get their hands dirty again and would be glad to revitalize your landscape. We are also a full-service landscape construction company and are ready to provide professional service for any of your landscape projects. 

In the summer, your garden still needs some maintenance. Regular weeding and re-edging keeps beds looking clean and sharp. Hedges and some shrubs require pruning and shaping in the summer, keeping them . RnS has the experienced staff to ensure the job is done properly.

There is also your lawn. It is important to monitor turf growth to provide optimal mowing frequency, encouraging root growth. We offer proper schedules to ensure your lawn remains well groomed and healthy.  We have professional equipment that allows us to do the job not only effectively, but in a timely manor so you don’t have to hear mowers for more than you need to. Maximizing the time to enjoy your perfectly manicured lawn.

Getting a proper Fall cleanup ‘leaves’ your property neat and tidy before winter. Fall removal of leaves, deadwood, selective pruning and cutting back all encourage tree and shrub health. Cleanups can be done throughout the fall and early winter.

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I was looking for a last min mowing job, RnS Landscaping saved the day. Thanks again for the great speedy service - Holly Swaine

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