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Mini Excavator Services


RnS Landscaping has our Kubota KX033-4 Excavator that we use for a large variety of excavation work. From trenches and drains to removing stumps and digging holes, this is a very capable machine. 

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Water Control


Here in Halifax, we have to deal with a lot of water year round. Whether it is rain or the snow melting in the spring, we see a lot of the wet stuff. We at RnS Landscaping are experienced with keeping the water under control. We install french drains as a key way to help deal with water. The use of large stone, allows water to flow in a controlled manor. Unlike ditches, they are covered and don't collect other debris or need maintenance. Unlike a simple drain pipe, they don't become clogged in 5-10 years. 

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Stump Removal


We have a thumb attachment on our machine is very good at removing stumps. The tracks make for a stable base to cause minimal damage to your existing lawn, while the powerful arm can rip most stumps right out of the ground. This machine is both faster and more effective than a stump grinder in most cases. For most stumps, an excavator is the most cost effective machine you can hire for the job.

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Post Holes

We are the best equipped in the city for digging post holes. Our KX040-4 is equipped with a post hole auger! This machine is drastically more effective at this task. It can simply drive in a straight line over your property causing minimal damage, unlike a bobcat that would have to tear everything up. It can get into places skid steers simply can’t. Further more, what if you hit a rock. Even relatively small rocks can stop an auger. To work around that problem, we also have a small 12” digging bucket that we can attach instead and dig through. So we can guarantee our holes.  

Post holes made easy! Had a stressful day of digging, which included renting the biggest post hole digger that McFarland's has, towing it home and flashing it up for 9 "hole" inches into the ground...couldn't go any further into the rocks and clay. Accepted the fact that I was bound to pry bar and shovel for two days....4 holes. 
I called RnS on my way to Home Depot after seeing them on the Eastern Passage Community site and they got back to me as I was buying the pry bar! 
Showed up, drove a few holes in the ground and I couldn't be happier. Whatever you're doing outside, they have the gear and experience to make your life easy. Great service, great price, local company. What more could you ask for? - Gordon MacDonald

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