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Beautiful Stonework


We’ll take your dream, design it on paper, then build it into reality. With RnS Landscaping, your possibilities are endless! We create relaxing backyard spaces, delightful entryways and stunning walkways. Need more space? Retaining walls offer the ability to create an enjoyable space, where it would otherwise be unusable. We are the professionals that will collaborate with you throughout the entire process, so your yard, is truly your space - the way you want it. Our experience ensures that your project will be spectacular, and last for many years to come.


In a city like Halifax, word travels, so our name means something to us. We do everything we can so our customers spread the best word about us!

That a great company powered by two very professional owner / workers. Nothing short of perfection is their mode of operation. - John Stevens

casey concrete avalon interlock pavers interlock paver driveway
Driveways, Walkways & Patios


We can use paver stones to make beautiful, lasting driveways, luxorious, durable walkways or stunning, quiet patios. There is a large variety of styles of pavers to choose from, so you get a unique, beautiful and one of a kind result everytime!


We strive to achieve the highest quality of work. Our customers always see that after we complete a project, and so will you.

casey concrete highland retaining wall in-lite hyde lights landscape lights


When working with stone and brick, there are two different types of walls that can be built. 


Garden walls use smaller bricks and stones and are used to make garden boxes. They aren't very tall, but add a great accent alongside any form of landscaping. 


Retaining walls are built tough. They help control the landscape by retaining a level of ground from collapsing or washing away.


Both types of walls have a variety of stones and bricks they can be built with to create a beautiful landscape for your yard. 


techo-bloc blu60 slate pavers Röcka steps stairs walkway stone steps
Steps and Stairs


Here in Halifax, Bedford or Dartmouth, many properties are far from being flat. So, many of us need steps when doing a stone project. Steps can be built from a large selection of materials, from either solid natural stone steps, or steps built from bricks. All steps can be a unique addition to the landscaping in your yard.

Paver Driveway & Retaining Walls
Rockhaven K-Block Wall
Oldstone Patio, Natural Stone Steps
Oldstone Walkway, Courtyard Walls
Walkway, new sod and berm
Front Steps, Natural Stone, Melville
Balmoral Rd Steps Project
Oldstone Walkway, Courtyard Walls
Highland Stairs and Oldstone Pavers
Pool Surround with Oldstone
Allen Block Wall Extension
Beautiful Patio - Rockhaven
Front Walkway
Side Walkway and Natural Stone Steps
Highland Stairs
Highland Wall
Back Patio
Rockhaven K-Block Wall
Back Step and Patio
Back Walkway
Back Patio, Step and HotTub
Highland Wall
Front Walkway and Steps
Paver Driveway & Retaining Walls
Side Door's can be Beautiful Too
Back Step and Patio
Steele Job
Summerfield Way
Front Step
Front Step and Planter Stones
Garden Box and Walk
Fairfield Patio
Perrin Dr Wall
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